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Licensed Aircraft Engineers

FAA Mechanic/Pilot, over 15's years of experience in aircraft, airframe/avionics systems, engineering project management, aircraft maintenance, retrofit/modification, people management. Performed maintenance tasks and various modification research, installations, and implementations. Improved solution seeker and goal achiever with extensive knowledge of the standards and procedures of the individual aircraft systems.

Bat Aircraft Engineering team, Demonstrated successful work in a dynamic and challenging environment, collaborating with a diverse network of internal and external colleagues to aircraft manufactures and vendors. Strengths in influence, ideation, positivity, and adaptability help to positively impact program-level projects.
Experienced Engineering - Hardware, software, interfacing aircraft systems such as Air conditioning, Auto Flight, Communications, Electrical Power, Fire Protection, Flight Controls, Fuel, Hydraulic Power, Ice and Rain Protection, Indicating/Recording, Landing gear, Lights, Navigation, Oxygen, Pneumatic, Water/Waste, Cabin system, Information system, Inert Gas system, APU, Power plant, Engine, Engine Control, Charts, Wiring system and In-flight entertainment system. Developed and validated hardware and software system functions and software requirements and tests to evaluate systems.


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